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English Rite Degrees

1. Entered Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft

3. Master Mason

Capitular Degrees

Mark Master -
The work on the temple continues. Amplifying the Fellowcraft Degree, we are taught that the knowledge we received there can be employed most usefully and judiciously for our honor and the profit of others. A beautiful lesson is exemplified, inculcating the truth that although we are often misunderstood, underrated and traduced, there is ONE who will make the rejected stone the head of the corner.

Past Master -
This Degree begins the preparation for the Royal Arch, which we are told was removed from the Symbolic Degrees of which it once was part, to reserve it for the more earnest seeker of more Light in Masonry. Originally only Past Masters of Lodges were admitted to the sublime secrets of the Royal Arch. This meant that very few could receive them. The Degree of Past Master (Virtual) teaches the candidate that he must first learn to obey before he can rule, and to govern himself before he can govern others.

Most Excellent Master -
This is a significant Degree in Ancient Craft Masonry. King Solomon's Temple, which was begun so auspiciously and halted so dramatically in the Third Degree, is completed amid much rejoicing and great splendor. The labors of the Craft are given the blessing of the Lord, who descended as fire from heaven. King Solomon, in his gratitude, received and acknowledged them Most Excellent Masters, empowered to travel and receive Master's Wages, and charged them with the responsibility of sharing their Masonic Light and Knowledge with those less informed.

Royal Ark Mariner -
This degree is set in the time of Noah and his sons, and relates events prior to, during, and after the Flood. The degree is interesting because much of it is set in unrhymed meter, and because axes are used in place of gavels and undressed aprons for lambskin ones. The candidate receives the customary obligation, signs, words and a lecture. The lesson taught is one of trusting in God's goodness and mercy. Earlier in AMD history, separate Lodges of Royal Ark Mariners were attached, or "moored", to a particular Council, but this is no longer practiced.

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Cryptic Rite degrees
[ based on the building of King Solomon's Temple ]

Royal Master -
This Degree takes us backward in time to a day prior to the death of the builder, who is again the central character. He imparts sublime teachings of a useful labor on earth to the candidate and gives him instruction as to the preservation of our valuable secrets. This is one of the most beautiful Degrees in all Masonry. Its lessons are so impressive that they are seldom forgotten. It is especially illustrative of the third and seventh Degrees.

Select Master -
Historically, this Degree occurs also prior to the third Degree, and deals with incidents that occurred at the building of the first Temple. It is closely connected with the Royal Arch Degree and affords the explanation needed for its perfect understanding. It is highly dramatic.

Super Excellent Master -
This Degree refers to circumstances and incidents during the siege of Jerusalem and the final destruction of the Temple. The work is dramatic and most impressive. This work completes the Circle of Perfection of Ancient Craft Masonry, but to the follower of Christ there is a definite need and desire for the application of these impressive lessons and beautiful ceremonies to his way of life. To fulfill this need we have the Commandery -- Knights Templar.

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Holy Royal Arch

Royal Arch Mason
In this Degree we find the completion of the Master's Degree and the Recovery of the Word. After the death of King Solomon, his magnificent Temple was destroyed and the Israelites carried away as captives to Babylon, where they lived for about 70 years. Here, many acquired considerable wealth and attained high rank and influence in the Chaldean government. However, when liberated by King Cyrus, many of them returned to Jerusalem and began rebuilding the Temple. While this work was going on and the rubbish of the ruins of the first Temple was being cleared away, many interesting and valuable discoveries were made, chief of which was the recovery of the Lost Word. With the recover of that which was lost, it would seem to the novitiate that his search for Light was ended. However, in order that he might better acquire the lessons, a seemingly inverse movement of the Degrees, historically, is set up

Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

Red Cross of Constantine


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