lundi 24 janvier 2011

Flower of life

A drawing of a metacube of 3 is allegedly found on several pillars of the Temple of Osiris, Osireion, in Abydos. The only photo from Osireion I have seen is here. If the inscriptions above the Flower of Life are considered by the same hand, than the mandala doesn’t seem to originate in the ancient Egypt, but more probably a merry gnostic passing by draw the Flower of Life on this pillar. Since the interwoven circles of the scheme form many shapes of vesica pisces that are easily seen as “eyes” the Flower of Life is supposedly related to Osiris. He was sometimes represented as completely covered with eyes (Book of Dead) and also his name contains an “eye”. I will show that the Flower of Life comes in the line of other successive cubes also containing “eyes” so this attribution proves to be useless.

This simple mandala of nineteen interlinked circles is found across the globe, even in such remote places as the Sikh temple at Amritsar.

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