lundi 3 janvier 2011

What is BeerMasonary?

It is about banding together to explore and sample beer from around the world – sometimes a tricky thing when you are located on this part of the planet.

It’s about getting to know and keeping up with Australia’s best and brightest brewers.

It’s about sharing and celebrating. It’s about learning to appreciate the effort, complexity and creativity that goes into brewing. And did we mention, having fun whilst doing so?

BeerMasonary is simply the philosophical and somewhat cheeky pursuit of better beer. Our mission is to seek out and share amongst our devotees the true, deliriously tasty experience of exceptional beer.

So, we welcome you. We sip alongside you on your beer enlightenment journey. We share in your pursuit of better beer and acknowledge that life is too short to drink bad beer.

The Golden Rules
As a BeerMason thou shalt:
Appreciate different styles, flavours, colours and textures and share your experience and knowledge with those around you.

Remember, someone, somewhere put their heart and soul into creating your beer and deserves your open minded consideration when you judge and enjoy it.

Take umbrage against the mindless consumption of uninteresting beer and reject imagery that demonises beer drinking as a lowly pursuit.

Refute that beer is the new wine or its poor relation. They are completely different, with their own extraordinary and historic meaning to mankind.

The Power of BeerMasonary
No longer will you be resigned and limited to a monotonous selection of beer drinking opportunities. Just like the world’s most powerful "secret” societies, by banding together and flexing our collective muscle we will be able to achieve beery goodness, including:

• Access to exclusive beer brewed specifically for BeerMasons

• Be the first to enjoy new beers from Australia’s best brewers and around the world

• Enjoy international beer that is introduced to the country specifically for BeerMasons

• Meet and greet the world’s best brewers. Give them our feedback and work towards
the ultimate beer

So fair thee well on your journey. We look forward to joining you on the beer enlightenment path.

We are working hard to make our society great. If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on how we can make this the best beer club in the world – we’d love to hear them!

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